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70s Hard Rockin' Webradio 

Re-discovering 70s rock. The BIGGER the hit, the LESS we play it!

 Less Classic Rock and more Deep Cuts mean more variety and less burnout. 


The Rockin' Dinosaurs become extinct on Friday June 29th 
Unfortunately, with the latest "re-interpretation" of existing international webcasting laws concerning music licensing, we have decided that we can no longer operate our web radio stations.  After a VERY rocky 25 months of fighting with our first two streaming hosts while constantly maneuvering the ever-changing legal minefield of online music licensing, we are throwing in the towel.  I'm getting too old to deal with all the B.S., and I'm way past too old to want to.  We were attempting to operate a station that 70s Hard Rocksters would like to listen to and in that, I think we succeeded.  I'll miss listening, and I'll miss hearing from you folks too.  I wish we could have stayed on longer but when it's time to go, it's time to go.  Thank you for all your love and all your listening.  May God richly bless you all... rock on!

The ZED had TWO flavors of rock to choose from!

Happy trails, and thank you from the Dinosaur!