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70s Hard Rockin' Webradio 

Re-discovering 70s rock. The BIGGER the hit, the LESS we play it!

 Less Classic Rock and more Deep Cuts mean more variety and less burnout. 
Old dogs in their favorite chair - making radio for other old dogs...
Career?  Check...  

Caring for aging relatives?  Check...  

Check Out?  Not Yet!  

Let's face it, most of us that remember 70s rock are getting pretty well around the Great Wheel Of Life by now.  I don't know about you, but I've had enough of trying to be younger than I am.  I'm satisfied with who I am and comfortable with who I was, while on my way to here.  We are all an amalgam of our former selves and our former experiences - so why pretend otherwise?  Once I got comfortable with that I also realized there was nothing wrong with wanting to enjoy the music that is TRULY in my soul - that glorious hard rock from the 70s that we all zoned out to around the bong, that we played air guitar to, and that we jammed down the highway with - blasting from an old 8-track deck cobbled into the dash.

Modern Country?  Ha!  That was just me trying to be all grown up.  And I can say the same for all the various fusion musics I have loved at one time or another.  I still enjoy them now - BUT - none of the later musics of my life reach down and resonate DEEPLY within me like 70s hard rock does.  They just don't.  And I am now back to enjoying the music that satisfies me deeply - the music I was marinating in during that all important time in my life when I was coming of age.  At this stage of life, it's just damn silly to deny oneself of one's REAL pleasure, especially for appearances.  True maturity is all about being comfortable with oneself, and one's wrinkles.  And I have finally made that turn now. High school was a long time ago.  To hell with peer pressure.  I LOVE this music.  And if you find yourself nodding your head, then by all means, pick up your air guitar and join me on the Hard Rock Dinosaur.  It is being lovingly maintained... just for us!
Mickey C
March 5th, 2017

-----Another sad goodbye-----

Fittingly, on June 28th, the day before the Dinosaurs died - Tony, our mascot, passed away at 12 years of age.  As sad as I am over the loss of the stations, saying goodbye to my little buddy has made the HURT much worse.  But I guess that awaits all of us old dinosaurs eventually.  Tony went on ahead.  I have on clean underwear and my bags are packed.  Are you ready?